Paint Meter >> cheapest model << Mini TESTER A-10-FE

Pocket-size auto cover Mini TESTER A-10-FE

Mini Paint coating thickness gauge, his small dimensions allow you to make a discreetly measurements on the car. 


A-10-FE Paint coating thickness gauge can measure on the surfaces made of:

  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel

Paint Meter A-10-FE - specification.

- Measurement of steel and galvanized steel
- Small dimensions: 84 x 64 x 29 mm
- Very easy to use
- Big and readable display
- Calibration pad in set 
- Measuring range from 0 µm to 990 µm
- Measuring resolution: 10 µm
- Built in probe
- Power supply: 1 x 9V 
- Operating temperature range: -20°C / +40°C
- Made in Poland
- Warranty period: 24 months
Paint meter A-10-FE


Paint meter A-10-FE in hand.

Paint meter A-10-FE in hand


Paint coating thickness gauge A-10-FE - car's coating thicknes inspection.

Paint meter A-10-FE - making the measurements


Comparsion A-10-FE Paint meter with a matchstick box. 

Paint meter A-10-FE - comparsion with matchstick box


The set includes:

  • Paint coating thickness gauge A-10-FE
  • User's manual in english
  • Calibration pad "FE-200 um"
  • Warranty for 24 months

Coating thickness gauge A-10-FE

Measurement of steel Yes
Measurement of galvanized steel Yes
Measurement of aluminum No
Measurement of uneven surfaces No
Probe type Built in
Sound signaling system function No
Backlit display No
Measuring range: 0 - 990 µm
Measuring resolution: 10 µm
LED flashlight: No
Power supply: 1 x 9V (eg. 6LR61)
Baterries in set: No
Working time (hours) 10


Electronic auto paint coating thickness gauges and testers, wholesale paint meter.

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